What will you offer to your sweetheart?

Love is all around….

It is sweet but powerful, surprising, and real.

Above all, passion is there!

Will you spend the time in the arms of your loved one?

Western societies have made February 14 an iconic date, a symbol of love in abundance. Couples, friends, and families celebrate the greatness of love together. But in the end, few of us know the story behind this celebration. Fortunately, Coo-Mon remedies the situation 

by sharing with you the results of its research.


Who is Valentine?

Have you ever wondered who is that famous Valentine who lent his name to one of the most popular celebrations of our era?

During the Middle Ages, a monk named Valentin de Terni was imprisoned by the emperor Claude II Le Gothique when he refused to submit to his supremacy. Valentin had continued to marry couples, thus defying the authority of the emperor who had prohibited marriage in order to prevent the men from refusing to go to war.

During his captivity, he met Julia, a blind girl. Valentin described the world to her as he perceived it. It was during their discussions that they fell in love. And that's when the miracle happens: Julia regained her sight!

Claude II Le Gothique, who persecuted the Christians, condemned Valentin de Terni to death. Having become a martyr, he was canonized by Pope Gelas I. This is why, since February 14 of the year 494, we have been honoring Valentine's Day and its story of fabulous courage.


Why February 14?

The Lupercales was a Roman religious celebration that took place from February 13 to 15. It celebrated the god of the forest and the herds and the end of winter. Pope Gélas I banned this celebration in 494, and replaced it with Valentine's Day, in homage to the patron saint of lovers!


A medieval tradition

It was in the 14th century in England that within the aristocracy, couples began to appear together on Valentine's Day. It was called "valentine". A young girl and a young man who, during these dates, could get acquainted, offer gifts (the "Valentines") and send poems to each other. A wonderful way to perhaps meet his or her future fiancé (e).


The lovers' party seen from elsewhere

Today, all over the world, but particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries (like in Canada), people exchange words of friendship and love written on Valentine's Day cards. It’s a way to prove and express our affection for those who are dear to us. Even children are involved, making handcrafted personalized cards for their parents!

In Scandinavian countries, single men take their best pen to write to the woman in whom they are interested.  But beware, all this in the strictest anonymity! Indeed, at the end of their message, they draw small dots or lines (in the manner of the hangman game) in place of their name. Then comes the turn of this dear valentine to guess the identity of her admirer!

In the land of the Rising Sun, it is up to women to offer chocolates to the men around them! It was not until a month later, during “White Day”, that these gentlemen responded to these delicate attentions by offering in return a white gift, the value of which would be equivalent, or even three times higher than that of chocolates received. A rule not unacceptable to some!

In Catalonia (Spain), the celebration of lovers takes place later, on April 23. On this date, men have the custom of offering a rose to their sweetheart, who in return, gives them a book!


The perfect evening

February 14 is just around the corner, and you would like to mark this special day with your other half. Celebrate your relationship by hosting a romantic evening. Here are five ideas for outings to spend a memorable Valentine's Day!

# 1 Retrace the footsteps of your meeting. A little pilgrimage to relive your first romantic moments. For any couple over the age of two, a walk in the neighborhood where you meet, or a supper in your first restaurant will remind you of your wonderful memories.

# 2 Choose a private and intimate place to discover for two. It can be a restaurant, a rooftop terrace, or even a guest room with a panoramic view. Immerse your eyes in hers and rekindle the flame.

# 3 Prepare your suitcases! Surprise your partner by organizing a surprise stay. If you have limited resources, you don't have to go to the other side of the world or hire a private plane. You would be surprised to discover the rich appeal of your own area.

# 4 Are you a couple of gourmets who love to delight the taste buds? Try a taste experience together by going to taste new culinary flavors. The explosion of the senses guaranteed!

# 5 Dare an intense and unusual activity. Sleigh ride, scuba diving, hiking ... The possibilities are endless, your interests and your personality being the only limits!


What to offer to your man?

Your partner is elegant and likes to take care of his image. You know him well enough to have figured out his dress style, and think you can choose a fashion accessory for him without making a mistake. Coo-Mon offers in its online store various pre-tied and self-tie bow ties, delivered in a durable and chic black ready-to-offer box, which will also allow it to protect your gift.

Valentine day men gifts ideas

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What to offer your girlfriend or wife?

Perhaps you plan to ask THE big question very soon? What if you took advantage of a romantic evening to put all the odds on your side?

For those who are not yet ready to make the long-awaited request, offer her a unique and original present, symbolizing your attachment and affection. A simple and delicate attention-getter to show her that you think of her! Forget the traditional roses, and choose a scarf or neck warmer that will keep her warm until the end of winter. During the coldest days of the season, she will remember the comfort you give her.


Valentine Day women's gifts ideas selection

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Make this day a magical event, forever etched on his/her memory ...
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