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The happiest day of your life had been planned for months — maybe even years. But the current situation has forced you to rethink your plans.

You've certainly anticipated the Big Day in every detail: Confirmed reservations, invited the guests, prepared decorations. But COVID and the new health regulations force you to change things. Nothing is the way it used to be. And the return to a ‘’normal’’ life seems a long way off.

Many couples who had planned to celebrate their wedding in 2020 canceled or postponed their event. It’s logical when you imagine how difficult it would be to enforce the distancing measures for a group of more than 20 people and to make everyone wear a mask.

But for couples who still want to say yes in 2020, whatever the circumstances, it is quite feasible to organize your private event in accordance with the rules.

Management and logistics can be simplified, like many businesses, in order to comply with health guidelines, will have to offer you standardized services. You will probably have less control than expected over the form of the celebration, but tell yourself that this will allow you to refocus on the essential: the testimony of your love!

Here are some ideas that will guide you through your wedding planning during this pandemic period. At the end of this article, you will also find various resources to help you organize your wedding in Quebec.

Sort and reduce your guest list to the maximum

In Quebec, some indoor public places can now accommodate up to 50 people, following certain rules  (the maximum number of people allowed will increase to 250 on August 3, 2020).   As for private meetings, it is still only permissible to invite 10 people at a time to their homes, subject to certain conditions.

If you want to have dancing, you may have to drastically limit the number of your guests. To be safe, some couples plan to tie the knot by themselves with very few but essential guests... You will always have the opportunity to organize a bigger post-pandemic party, where all the rest of your guests would be invited.

How would I present this idea? You could send an announcement to each guest, but it would be more appropriate to contact each guest individually...

The opportunity to focus on the essentials: love...

Maybe this won't be the wedding of your original dreams. The celebration that you imagined years ago will now probably be simpler, more intimate... … but it will allow you to “experience” your emotions more, and to benefit even more from the people dear to you!  You will have more quality time with each guest, and you can form a small team to decide what the event will include.

Choose your place of celebration

It is important to check with the service provider about the arrangements made in your room to accommodate your number of guests. This crucial information will force you to review your list or look for another location. With many cancellations confirmed this summer and autumn 2020, you will certainly have a wide choice of venue.

If your number of guests exceeds 30 people, favor an outdoor location. You will have more space to move around and respect social distancing, and your guests will not be forced to wear masks at all times, as the law requires in closed public places.  It is so much more pleasant to start the festivities under the beautiful sun or under the stars!

A theme dress code party!

With your wedding being celebrated in a small group this year, why not take personalization to its limits by offering all your guests the opportunity to wear your wedding colours and patterns?  You could give everyone a personalized Coo-Mon accessory, made from the same fabric! Men, women, children, and even babies… the Coo-Mon brand will custom make your guests' accessories!  Coo-Mon brand will custom make your wedding accessories!

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Respect the health rules in your country

As the host of a private event, you are responsible for providing your guests with a safe place, where the public health guidelines are respected. In addition to placing people from different households at a reasonable distance, and installing several hand washing and sanitizing points, you could offer them masks to use during the event. Coo-Mon currently offers in its online store, a collection of face-covering masks for adults and children, entirely made in Quebec!

Washable and reusable cotton masks are supplied with filters and are fitted with a metal wire to facilitate adjustment at the nose and provide more comfort. A very useful feature especially when wearing glasses! Coo-Mon also offers bi-material protective masks: cotton fabric on the inside and polyester fabric on the outside.

We can also customize the masks based on your choice of fabric.

Shop your Coo-Mon Non-Medical Masks

Shop your Coo-Mon Non-Medical Masks

Some useful resources for organizing your wedding if you are in Quebec

Marilyn signature, Le cœur bohème for the organization of your wedding

Pouvoir des fleurs, L'Atelier Floral Montréal for your bouquet and the flowers you will need for your centerpieces

Simkha biocosmétiques for a home spa workshop to relax with friends or with your bridesmaids before the big day

Cap’s On Food Cuisine Heritage for a catering service that blends cultures

Goodies by grace, Les mains sucrées, Cuisine veloutée, Bayard gâteaux, Par Orchid for tailor-made cakes.

Loue 1 Robe/Loue1Tux for the rental of your wedding dress, the dresses for your bridesmaids, your mother, and the tuxedo for the groom.

Tenue de soirée for the rental of accessories and furniture you will need for a celebration that looks like you

La table enchantée for the decoration

Olivric photography, Mounoucheka Lacherie, MarieLoo Bouchard Photo for your celebration photos

Gabbie McGuire Beauty, makeup by Dibawssette for bridal makeup

Facebook groups to chat with other bride and groom and find resources and tips for Mariage Québec, Bazar mariage, Mariage au Québec Ventes et Achats

Make this day unique and in the way you want.

Create custom wedding accessories for your guests

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