How to celebrate Christmas differently?

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The first flakes fall in Montreal. Winter hats, gloves, scarves and boots are out. The streets are adorned with their most beautiful silky white coat. Winter is upon us. And you and we know what this means; the holiday season is around the corner! Frenzy is already taking over North American shopping streets and shopping centers. Does this question the real meaning of Christmas? How is this holiday celebrated around the world? The blending of cultures is an integral part of Coo-Mon's identity, and we are interested in the traditions that surround the Christmas holiday. Today we take you on a rediscovery of this fabulous celebration.


The beautiful Christmas story

Christmas, from the Latin natalis, which means "natal”, is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Yes, every December 25 we celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday. Following the great census ordered by Caesar, Joseph, and Mary, parents of Jesus (Mary being pregnant) had to leave Nazareth to cover more than a hundred kilometers. Born in a simple barn in a village in Bethlehem, and surrounded by modest shepherds and illustrious scholars, the arrival of Christ on Earth brings to humanity a message of hope, love, and fraternity. The date of December 25 was set by the Vatican around year 300 to Christianize a pagan holiday marking the return of extended days. Thus, a large number of individuals continue to celebrate this special day, even if the meaning had changed.

Today, the celebration of Christmas has taken on a less religious meaning. The trade name takes on a more general connotation. We then describe it as the Holiday Season, including also the New Year. But the Christmas holiday does not lose its symbolic element altogether. The majority of people, whether they are believers or not, decide to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. They sit down around a good meal filled with love and laughter that leaves indelible memories many years later...

Our cherished Christmas traditions

We recognize the traditional Christmas tree, which we take pleasure in decorating with garlands, balls and ornaments from the beginning of December (or November for the most impatient). There are also bright garlands to hang on the walls, the ceiling, and the handrail of the staircases. Not to mention the luminous and animated outdoor decorations installed by Christmas magic enthusiasts who, each year, compete creatively for an even more enchanting atmosphere.

The Advent Calendar takes the form of a board in which are precut boxes numbered with small windows to open, containing a square of chocolate (to eat every morning!). This tradition comes straight from Germany, where the calendar was previously filled with pious images or biblical verses.

How many of us still hang Christmas stockings over the fireplace, hoping for a generous soul to fill them with little presents? Saint Nicholas, the ancestor of Santa Claus, was a rich and generous person who really existed. One evening, he left gold coins in the socks of three poor sisters who had hung their stockings near the fireplace to dry them. The tradition has been perpetuated until today.

How do we celebrate Christmas elsewhere?

Between magic, tradition, and religion, Christmas has become an inescapable holiday, which seems to have no more secrets for us. But did you know that elsewhere in the world there exist other customs, as playful as they were greedy? We have selected a few of them so that you can find the inspiration to organize incredible and original parties.

In Provence, in the south-east of France, each household installs a Christmas scene staged in miniature representing the scene of the Nativity. The santons de Provence are characters made of hand-painted uncooked clay and occupy the realistic landscape. It is usually expected on December 25 to add baby Jesus, completing the picture.

The wheat of Saint Barbara, or wheat of Hope. When December 4 arrives, the day of the Holy Beard, the Provençal people have the tradition of planting seeds of wheat in a cup. Good germination and growth are a sign of a prosperous and productive year.

In  France still, it is customary to serve as a dessert a Christmas log. This is a cake representing a log, consisting of a sponge cake covered with buttercream. Before pastry replaced a real piece of wood, the pagan tradition was to burn a log in the fireplace to celebrate the winter solstice. The manner in which the fire burned then offered various meanings, and drew the auguries for the year to come.

Do you have a sweet tooth? You've probably noticed this big cake that appears every year on the shelves of our favorite grocery stores, and which hides in ultra-colorful boxes? Filled with candied fruit and citrus zest, panettone is a typical traditional Italian dessert, which is also found in some South American countries.

But the festivities are not confined to what is presented on the table ... What would be a Christmas in 2019 without gifts? To make the most of the holiday experience, many Christmas markets are now appearing around the world, highlighting the wonderful work of our local artisans. An opportunity for everyone to find the perfect gifts while encouraging passionate professionals, with unique know-how. We invite you to meet Coo-Mon at the Nutcracker Market in Montreal, at the Palais des Congrès up to December 8, to discover its new fashion accessories.

Gifts to give to your favorite Family


Do you know any of these families who, each year, repeat the traditional Christmas family photoshoot? This famous shot where each member of the family (preferably dressed in red or wearing the same pajamas) is placed in front of a tree illuminated and decorated to perfection. If so, we offer you the perfect Christmas present to offer.

There is nothing more endearing than to see a picture of a family in harmonized colors! Without being strictly dressed identically, it is possible to match styles with a fashion accessory.

Thus, for Mom and her daughters, Coo-Mon proposes this new hair bar made in Guadeloupian madras and African wax print. What gives a festive look to all outfits!

mother and daughter Madras hair clips set

Bow hair clip for baby girl and adult


And for Dad and Son, beautiful bow ties made of African wax fabric, Madras from Guadeloupe, Shweshwe from South Africa or Chinese brocade from China!

Coo-Mon Father-son African Print ankara bow ties set

 Bow ties set for little boy and Dad.

To please your loved ones wherever you are without making mistakes with a gift that will be delivered on time, opt for our virtual gift cards.

Coo-Mon Christmas gift card

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