Votre mariage sur-mesure avec Coo-Mon

Your tailor-made wedding with Coo-Mon

"Marriage is the will of two to create the one who is more than those who created it."

Friedrich Nietzsche



That's it, the big day has been announced!

You will make your relationship official soon

and you are already starting the preparations.

Whether you are organizing an intimate event or wishing to share your love with all, you will want this day to be the most beautiful one of your life.

Your happiness will be at the heart of this memorable day, and of course,

it's important to you that your wedding is as unique as you are...

 Beautiful wedding photo of Alexandra and Yoann, wearing a set of bow tie, suspenders and a pocket square made of a yellow Madras fabric from Coo-Mon.

Photo credit: Martin Gros

Our expertise at the service of your event 

Coo-Mon combines its know-how with your ideas to create a unique product for an exceptional event! We transform our fashion accessories by dressing them with the fabric of your choice.

The only question to ask yourself: what do you want?

Tailor-made accessories

Make the accessories of the newlyweds, bridesmaids, and groomsmen according to your desires and the theme of the wedding. And create a harmony between all the outfits of the bride, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, and the flower girl.

At Coo-Mon, two ways to make your customized creation:

  • Do you like a product from our collection? We recreate it from the fabric of your choice. If you do not find your happiness in haberdashery, we take care of shopping the perfect stuff for you!
  • Do you like our style, but none of our products match what you were looking for? Our stylist studies the feasibility of any request for the creation of accessories.

The groom and his groomsmen highlighted through custom wedding accessories from Coo-Mon.

Photo credit: Naomie Gagnon Photographe  

For the wedding of Manon and Pierre-Charles, the groom and groomsmen wore a tie and bow ties made in a fabric that we shopped for them according to the floral theme of their wedding.

Personalized tie and bow ties, made of satin cotton fabric, for a custom wedding.

Manon and Pierre-Charles wedding: the groom and the groomsmen highlighted by personalized accessories from Coo-Mon

The groom and his groomsmen highlighted through custom wedding accessories from Coo-Mon


Christian and Raphaelle wedding: our couple has opted for a total customization, creating their own pattern with the services of a designer. Then Coo-Mon chose the material and created the wedding accessories.

Accessories from our collection

You like our fabrics, and have been seduced by our products available in our online store? Would you want to order some?

12 bow ties with a beautiful pattern made in the blue Madras of Coo-Mon Wedding Accessories made in the beautiful blue Madras of Coo-Mon.


A wedding with an exotic flavor! To celebrate a colorful love, David and Andréa, who get married in France in 2019, fell in love with our blue Madras!

A groomsman wearing Coo-Mon suspenders in Shweshwe at a wedding in South Africa

Wedding of our customer Ulrich: Ulrich who lives in England ordered for his wedding which took place in South Africa in November 2018, suspenders in Shweshwe (South African fabric) for his best man and his groomsmen 


Wedding of our clients Daniel and Valeria, June 2019: a wedding that united two different cultures, Argentina and Togo.

For this wedding, with the fabric (African wax print Woodin) provided by the couple, we made accessories that reflect these two cultures. Thus for the Argentinean side, we made Gaucho's scarves and for the African side, we made necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of African inspiration. Our traditional, bow ties have not been forgotten in the lot.

Here below, some of the 24 accessories we made for this wedding

Once your project becomes more accurate, the theme is chosen, and the date of the Big Day has been set, contact our stylist.

Whether you reside in Montreal, in another Canadian province, or anywhere on the surface of the globe, we put the same energy, the same passion to make your life project as you imagined it. Our team has already worked on wedding projects in Montreal, Quebec City, France, Switzerland, and England.

We will use the best tools to communicate on a regular basis (phone calls, WhatsApp calls, skype, conferences Zoom or email), and to track the progress of your project.

The next steps...

Photo credit: Naomie Gagnon Photographe 

A groom elegantly wearing a Coo-Mon tie looks tenderly at his beautiful wife


Our first meeting will allow us to agree on your needs and your desires, and to have an overview of your wedding project.

To prepare for this interview, here is the information we will need:

- The theme of your wedding

- The date of your wedding

- The number of accessories required

- A brief portrait of the personality of the bride and the groom

- Your tastes: colors, patterns, materials, styles

We will then create your style file, in order to present the 3 proposals that best meet your expectations.

When you select the final model for your wedding accessory, we will order the fabric (if applicable) and start the handmade production of your accessories. Please note that all our accessories are sewn and handcrafted in Montreal.

A minimum period of 3 Month Before the event is required in order to remedy any unforeseen issue with production.

In the case of a rush order, please notify us.

Customers' Testimonials

‘’We called Ingrid for the celebration of our wedding to find the Creole tones that fit our two cultures. Her listening and her prompt service are to be emphasized. Thanks to her, we celebrated our union in color! We will not hesitate to use her services again. Thanks again ''

Alexandra and Yoann Wedding, Montreal

"I received the order today, we are very happy with the result, everything is beautiful and up to our expectations. Thank you for the quality work and your listening. We will send you a photo of the Big Day and we will not fail to share your work on the social media ''

Daniel and Andréa wedding, France


A unique outfit for your Loved ones

Dear Future Bride. This day will probably be one of the most magical you will ever have. You will be immersed in a bath of love, special attention will be paid to you, and, undoubtedly, you will have a lot of fun. To highlight your brilliant and unique personality, we suggest you add a touch of color to your wedding dress. Nothing extravagant. Just something that looks like you.

For one of our clients, our stylist has replaced the flowers in the waistband of her dress with flowers in Madras and the white corset lace of her wedding dress by one in Madras matching the accessories of the future groom

Overview before/after of the belt and laces of Alexandra's wedding dress.


Dear children, we do not forget you. We do not forget you. On this special day, you will have a very important role to play. Sources of happiness, you radiate each piece with your most beautiful smiles. Your laughter and malicious looks are vectors of joie de vivre. This event would be so different without you. Specifically without the little flower girl and our little rings bearer! So why not unify their different outfits to the rest of the procession, with a matching accessory?

A little bridesmaid wearing a blue Coo-Mon’s flower headband

Here, the little flower girl wearing a fabric flower headband made of African wax fabric and plain poly cotton.

A happy groom proudly wearing his Coo-Mon’s yellow Madras bow tie.

Photo credit: Martin Gros

A happy groom proudly wearing his Coo-Mon’s yellow Madras bow tie.

A Switzerland small family full of love, wearing accessories Coo-Mon’ matching accessories in Blue African wax print for the wedding

A Switzerland small family full of love, wearing accessories Coo-Mon’ matching accessories in Blue African wax print for the wedding

A new chapter of your life is starting soon.

Coo-Mon assists you in making this dream day an unforgettable and exceptional event, at the height of your personalities and your love.

Make your wedding day a unique moment at your image.