Are you a company or a brand of products and you want to develop textile accessories to offer your customers? Do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to transform your ideas into personalized accessories with or without your company logo.

We also offer a fabric purchasing service to meet your expectations whether it is organic fabric or not.
For the Montreal company Boréalie, we made customized hemp spa headbands with their label for their customers.


spa headbands corporative order for Borealie made by Coo-Mon

For the companies, Dado Cosmetics and Ettyaka, we made custom drawstring bags made of organic linen and unbleached natural cotton with their logo to accompany their products.

drawstring bags with logo for Dado Cosmetics

jewelry drawstring bags with black ribbon made by Coo-Mon

We also made different sizes of drawstring bags without a logo for effystyle , bags that the company later customized with its logo to put its clothes and accessories inside. 

different sizes of drawstring cloth bags