From my hometown of Cotonou in Benin, to my current city of residence, Montreal, I have come a long way! The name of the company has been coined from the link between the two cities: Coo-Mon. Passionate about sewing, I design and create fashion accessories in fabrics from different parts of the world

An experience of multiculturalism by taking you on a tour of the continents with a collection of printed accessories combining tradition and modernity.

More than products, I invite you to a journey of discovery and acceptance of the other.

Ingrid, Founder of Coo-Mon

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S'habiller éco-responsable
To Know About Coo-Mon

Dressing eco-friendly

Preserving the environment has become one of the crucial challenges of modern society, and the fashion and accessories industry is no exception. Di...

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L'élégance de la soie
Accessories & Usage

The elegance of silk

The Coo-Mon Silk Satin Scarf returns this fall! Discover in this article 8 ways to wear your fashion accessory in the autumn.

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