Working from home in style

Do you miss music on the way to work, discussions with colleagues at the coffee machine, and super stimulating and productive team meetings?

Professional issues during the crisis bring their share of stress and uncertainty. Whether working from home out of necessity or choice, isolation and demotivation threaten our productivity at the beginning of every day.

Maintaining constant productivity and a steady pace of work requires a lot of effort and investment. It is quite human, at times, to be demotivated. However, it is important to consult a professional qualified to advise and help you, if this situation continues.

According to the philosopher Emmanuel Kant, we draw our motivation either from our sense of duty or from our quest for personal satisfaction. When "finishing what to do" is no longer a sufficient excuse to complete your task, it is necessary to find and strike the spark that will push you to achieve your goals.

Today, Coo-Mon invites you to visualize your dream workday: as productive as it is inspiring!

How do you furnish your workspace in style?

March 2020, containment is announced; you have to comply and adapt quickly. Make an appointment to collect equipment left at the office, stock up at home, improvise a temporary office area in the guest room, the kitchen or in the basement.

But more than a year has passed now, and the situation has hardly changed. If you haven't already, it's time to give yourself a work space worthy of the name. An office that will confirm to you every day that yes, you are in charge.

a. Where to set up your office at home?

First, choose a room that is sufficiently lit - ideally with natural sunlight. If you are in the basement, add a white light point nearby.

The room where you have your files should be uncluttered and clear.

On the layout side, we suggest prioritizing functionality: a work table that meets your needs, practical and sufficient storage systems, a bookcase and shelves filled sparingly.

b. How to decorate your workspace?

The decoration of a space should be inspired by the interests and tastes of the owner. Your style preferences will dictate the colours, shapes, and decorations in your office.

To get started with your interior improvement project, we suggest that you create inspiration boards on Pinterest. You can share them with us at @coomonaetc

Add a touch of inspiration and motivation by dressing your walls with frames and posters of various sizes and colors. Display your favorite quotes and mantras, and display photos of the important people and events that light up your life. They will inspire you on the dullest days.

What attitude should you adopt during your meetings or interviews in the videoconference?

Meetings and videoconferencing interviews are similar to face-to-face meetings. One detail: the meeting place has moved into your living room/office/kitchen.

When you "receive" guests or are invited to a virtual meeting, the expectations of the other participants are based on the level of professionalism to which you have accustomed them. The efforts to be made are also greater. Eyes scrutinize you for long minutes, and you absolutely do not want to show a drop in energy, or a lack of dynamism. So, you alternate between polite smiles and a neutral face, and dare a few anecdotes to relax the atmosphere.

What if, in the end, there was no point in putting so much pressure on yourself? What if, in the end, the secret of a suitable virtual meeting lay in the following 4 points:

1. Isolate yourself to avoid noise pollution.

If that is not possible, you can test noise canceling headsets. Or just mute your microphone when you don't need to intervene. Some applications also offer a quick keyboard shortcut, to effectively juggle the microphone.

2. Have a simple, non-distracting background.

If you can't meet in a minimalist environment, the vast majority of software today offers the option of adding a wallpaper, to hide the background behind you.

3. Don't do something else at the same time

The temptation to multitask is very present. Despite the growing to-do list, continue to respect your conversation partner's speaking time, giving them all the attention and listening they deserve. You can then answer questions, or participate actively in the discussion, without having to repeat anything.

4. Prepare your meeting to contribute proactively

We have said enough!

What outfit to adopt for teleworking?

Funny to say, but necessary to mention, changing in the morning before starting your working day, as if you were going to your place of work, is essential to our balance in life.

The first words that come to mind when discussing telework are: self-discipline - isolation - comfort – safety

So, choose an outfit that looks professional and "dressy" enough for meetings, but that feels just as comfortable as pajamas. Coo-Mon offers you outfits to customize as you wish.

a. What outfit for women?

A solid-coloured dress, enhanced by a Coo-Mon accessory.Simplicity and delicacy. This is what inspires this ultra-feminine outfit, which reveals the beauty of your face thanks to the Coo-Mon headband.

A queen's head port, sculpted by Coo-Mon hair accessories.

Earrings: Bijoux Pepine

If your hair length allows it, tie your hair up in a high bun. This hairstyle will highlight the features of your face, and sublimate your makeup. A fluid jegging-blouse combo will provide you with elegantly designed comfort.

b. What outfit for men?

A casual but chic men's outfit, enhanced with a Coo-Mon accessory.

Cardigan: Simons

Pants: Banana Republic

The participants of a traditional videoconference generally remain seated throughout the virtual meeting. This is why some prefer to go for the upper part of their outfit. Embellish a standard sweater with a Coo-Mon scarf for a trendy style.

As a fervent fan of wearing a shirt at work, we offer you an option that will satisfy your quest for style. Accessorize your outfit by adding Coo-Mon cufflinks to your shirt.

Coo-Mon cufflinks offer a unique and sophisticated style to a classic blazer or shirt.

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