The elegance of silk

Let's look at a fabric we all have at home nowadays: the unbeatable scarf! It’s a timeless fashion accessory. Discover below how to adapt it and brighten up your outfits.

Back to school marks the beginning of autumn. For the most cautious among us, it's time to update the wardrobe to make room for cardigans, toques, coats, and rain boots.

You're probably wondering what will be the must-have accessory of the season?  What can you do to gain in style, both in person in the office and during your videoconference meetings?

The Coo-Mon scarf is back this fall. Read on to find out how to tie it, what outfit to match it with, and on which occasion to wear it!

Why is the scarf becoming our new trendy accessory of the season?

Coo-Mon is back in force with new patterns of scarfs!

Already in the catalog four years ago and with strong success in the past, the Coo-Mon scarf returns to us this season, designed in new patterns. Longer and wider, they are now worn both for length or wrapped around the neck.

We opted for silk satin, a noble fabric that gives this gender-neutral accessory a certain lightness, without hindering its opacity. Another peculiarity of our fabric is its satin weave, which reflects the light and highlights the patterns inspired by African wax prints and Bogolan fabrics.

Inspired by the colours of the season, our unisex scarf offer will delight devotees of shimmering colours as well as more classic tastes.


How to wear the Coo-Mon scarf?

There are endless ways to wear a Coo-Mon scarf. You thought a scarf could only be tied around your neck?  Have a look at our tutorials to increase your fashion statement.

1. Wear the scarf around your neck

The scarf is usually tied around the neck. It's up to you to choose the knot that suits your style!

The parisian knot

  1. Fold the scarf in half
  2. Pass the scarf around the neck
  3. Pass the ends in the loop
  4. Tighten by giving volume

The double knot

  1. Start by performing the first three steps of the Parisian knot
  2. Pass the ends up, between the scarf and the neck
  3. Pass the ends down through the loop
  4. Tighten by giving volume

The loop

  1. Place the scarf around the neck
  2. Wrap the sides around the neck and towards the neck
  3. Bring the sides back towards the chest, over the shoulders
  4. Finish by giving volume to the neck part

2. Other ways to wear the scarf

Flaunt your own style and accentuate your originality!  It is quite possible to wear the scarf other than around the neck. 

Tied to a bag

Use your scarf as an ornament for your bag, to emphasize it

Option 1: Make a knot at the base of the handle

Option 2: Make a twist along the handle

The belt scarf

Be bold and distinguish yourself by replacing your belt with a scarf.

  1. Fold the scarf on itself
  2. Put it through the loops, like a real belt

The hairdressing accessory

Ladies, there are many ways to tie your Coo-Mon scarf in your hair.

  • Start with a basic fold and then tie a double knot underneath the hair, whether loose or in a bun.
  • Integrated into a braid: Tie the scarf to make a ponytail then braid the sides of the fabric like a wick.
  • Knot: A simple knot to make a ponytail or bun


What outfit to wear in autumn with a scarf?

It keeps you warm and in style on the cooler days, especially useful with changing temperatures. So be careful not to go out without your scarf!

Discover below several suggestions to match your scarf to your outfit.

1. Ideas for women's outfits

  • A brown light sweater
  • Denim pants
  • A  beige trench coat
  • A royal purple bag
  • A Coo-Mon scarf
  • tied around the neck
  • Brown boots

women's fall look with blue scarf

  • A loose blouse color "baby pink"
  • A white cardigan over the shirt
  • A suede jacket
  •  Navy blue chino pants
  • A black bag decorated with the Coo-Mon scarf 
  • Shoes with square heels

another way to use your scard: tied it to a bag


2. Men's outfit ideas

  • A grey V-neck sweater
  • A Coo-Mon scarf  placed around the neck
  • A camel trench coat
  • Denim pants
  • A pair of sneakers

fall's outfit for men with red silk scarf

  • A dark grey shirt
  • A Coo-Mon scarf
  •  wrapped around the neck
  • A leather jacket
  • Navy blue jogger pants
  • A pair of sneakers

men's fall outfits idea with satin silk blue scarf


3. The silk satin scarf: the ideal gift?

Silk is one of the most precious fabrics known. Throughout history, it has been considered a noble material, a symbol of refinement, lightness and softness. Its value is justified by the know-how and the resources necessary to produce it.

Therefore, the scarf is a wonderful gift to give to a loved one. For a small or big occasion, there is always a reason to celebrate a friend, prove your affection, or thank a member of your social network.

The scarf has been and will remain for a long time a timeless fashion accessory. Both practical and elegant, it gives in a few seconds a completely different style to your outfit!

So, which of the Coo-Mon scarf patterns will you choose?

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