How to wear your belt with style?

Coco Chanel said: "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

Did fast-fashion get the better of this idea? We have to believe that the current health crisis has at least succeeded in trying to return us to basics, to manage without the superfluous and to deepen our quest for identity. More than ever, women and men want to reconnect with their personalities, passions and dreams.

The crisis of Covid-19 has greatly aggravated the situation of the clothing sector. In France, since the beginning of 2020, department stores have lost 36% of their revenue, independent fashion stores 25%, and specialty stores 23%,  according to the French Fashion Institute. The consumption model we were familiar with may be evolving towards a more responsible and sustainable model. Change is in the air! The economic crisis has meant additional financial difficulties for many households, which then leads them to review their spending.

It is for these reasons that the Coo-Mon team wants more than ever to partner its customers in their shopping, paying particular attention to this new reality. But beware, there will be no compromise to your style! In this article, we offer you fashion tips that will allow you to embellish your fall and winter outfits without renewing your closet!!

Give your coat new style!

Falling leaves and the first snowflakes dictate the renewal of your wardrobe! If you haven't already, it's time to bring out your sweaters and wool tights. You can showcase your fall outfits by varying them with seasonal fashion accessories like a long scarf or a neckwarmer or by dressing your hairstyle with a hair accessory.

Our fashion tip of the week focuses on your outdoor outfits, especially your fall and winter coat! Often abandoned and forgotten when it comes to accessorizing, there is a simple trick to make to give it a new look!


The coat belt: for who, and how to wear it?  

Wear an African print obi belt on your coat

Most mid-length to long coats have matching fabric and colour belts. Without being a one-of-a-kind piece, the belt normally seems to play a functional role, and is only an extension of the entire garment. Ideal if you want a conformist outfit, suitable for any situation.

But what about the fashion potential of this must-have fashion accessory? If you want to highlight your personality through your style, we suggest you pair a belt with your coat! A simple and economical way to enhance one of the most beautiful pieces in your wardrobe, offering it more character.

This fashion tip is for everyone. The choice of a coat will be determined by your size and build, as well as by your outfit.

You will opt for a short coat that stops at your hips if you want to highlight the cut of your pants, skirt, or dress. Your choice will probably be on this model or on the mid-length coat, which length lies between the middle thighs below the knees, if you are short. It's ideal under pants or jeans!   Long coats that stop below the knees will please taller women. A fashion tip that will make all the difference:  don't forget your beautiful pair of heeled boots to further enhance your figure!

Many types of coats are on the market. Here are two that work perfectly with belts.

The bent coat with slightly flared edges, accentuate the shape of women with a small waist (X shape). Closed by a simple buttoning or a zip, the belt adjusts and ties over it like an obi belt, as illustrated by the fashion illustration below:

Turquoise african print ankara wrap sash belt

We prefer a straight coat for the H, I and O shapes, the waist of which is not very pronounced. In this case, rather than accentuating the belt at the waist, it should be worn loosely. Another variation: the coat could be partially open, with a roughly tied belt, for an "elegantly structured bathrobe" effect.


By choosing a Coo-Mon belt, you will have the choice between two sizes, which you choose according to your figure and your favorite way to tie belts.

  • Extra small (XP) to medium (M)  
  • Large (L) to Extra large (XL)  


Choose your Coo-Mon belt

Coo-Mon knot belts are available in several colours and patterns - from the most colorful to the plain - and are made of faux leather and African fabric (African wax print/Ankara, Bogolan or even Shweshwe).

Choose your Coo-Mon African print no buckle beltbelt

Our belts are real fashion accessories entirely handmade in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). Flexible and reversible, they can be knotted in multiple ways, front or back, to suit your style. Indeed, depending on the effect you want to bring to your outfit, you have the choice between a colored printed side, and a more sober black side.

Learn more about the history of the obi belt in this article, and find out how to wear it over a dress

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