Are you expecting a happy event?

Are you awaiting a happy event soon? Counting the days that separate you from this special and unique day, of this incredible meeting, which will fill you with love and joy? Or do you maybe know future happy parents?

As the D-Day approaches, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift and souvenir to celebrate baby's arrival. The need to find a present that is creative, original, useful and personal. This "special something" that will most certainly be placed in a memory box when the baby will be old enough to understand. More than an object, it is a symbol, in memory of a miraculous day, of the love and special attention of a family member or close friend.

To help you in this search for the perfect gift, Coo-Mon invites you to discover its birth gift boxes handmade in Montreal.

A touch of love included in this box!

Coo-Mon has launched its birth box! And since the style has no age, offer a touch of ethnic fashion and celebrate a life full of colours!

You could offer this box at a baby shower, a baby photo shoot (you know, the one's parents organize at each "month-birthday" ????), or just during the conventional post-birth visit.

Coo-Mon baby birth gift set

- The teething ring

A teething ring is an essential accessory during the first two years of the baby. Few of us who have reached adulthood remember the pain and discomfort of first teeth. This is an important step in the development of toddlers, which requires support, kindness, and special care.

This Coo-Mon accessory is made of maple wood treated with a blend of organic olive oil and beeswax, and cotton fabric. Shaped as bunny ears, the beautiful colours, and textures offered by this toy awaken the senses of a baby while helping soothe gum pain during teething.

Tip from Mom: When the baby is particularly uncomfortable, we can try to relieve them by soaking the rabbit ears in cold water, and by letting the baby chew them under the supervision of an adult.

- The Bandana Bib

Everyone knows what a bib is. This piece of essential linen, effectively protecting the baby during meals, and during teething. As Coo-Mon likes to combine usefulness with pleasure, the brand offers its own bib model, bandana style.

For the anecdote, the bandana is native to India. Derived from the printed headwrap and colorful Indian handkerchief, it means "bond", "tie" or "headband" in Hindi. Diverted for many uses, and serving several styles of clothing, the bandana is now worn around the neck, in the hair, around the wrist, around the handle of a handbag.

Our bandana bib is made in a wax printed cotton fabric, lined with white flannel. It closes with Babyville snaps. In sum, we offer a soft bib, practical, and easy to maintain.

- The pacifier clip

The pacifier clip, also known as the soother holder, can be particularly useful when your baby is starting to be active. Attach to it baby’s favorite soother, security blanket or toy, and avoid a bout of crying by seeing his or her favorite object falls to the ground.

The pacifier - or any other precious object - attaches with the suede buckle. The pacifier clip then attaches to the baby garment, or his bandana bib, thanks to the metal clip. Made of cotton, our items are safe, easy to use and washable. We invite you to consult our care tips at the end of this article.

Coo-Mon African print ankara baby pacifier clip

- The baby girl's turban Headband

For the most stylish little girls, a beautiful headband for hair, matching the bandana bib and the pacifier clip!

The Coo-Mon baby girl’s turban headband is adjustable thanks to its elastic band. In addition, each model is available in 2 sizes: 6-12 months and 1-3 years.

Our headband adapts to all face shapes, and only accentuates the "adorableness" of baby ????

Black baby girl wearing coo-mon African print ankara headband bandana bib set

You can also customize all the items of our birth gift box with your own fabric like one of our clients did. She offered to the babies of her in-law family who had attended her wedding, 3 birth gift boxes matching the fabric selected for the wedding. (see picture below)

Custom made African print baby birth gift set

How to take care of the items from your birth box?

Because we know how precious, and limited, the time of young parents can be, we strive to offer you easily washable baby items.

Below, find our care instructions for each item included in the birth box.

- The Teething ring: Fabric washable by hand or machine. Hand washable wooden ring with soapy water. To protect and extend the color and quality of the wood, it is advisable to apply organic olive oil.

- The Bandana Bib: Hand or machine washable.

- The tie-sucks: Hand or machine washable.

- The girl's turban Banner: Hand or machine washable.

Safety Instructions: Do not allow the baby to sleep with a bib or pacifier clip to prevent suffocation.

Stop using the pacifier clip or teething ring if you notice a breakage.


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