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We have officially said goodbye to the beautiful season. The weather has cooled down, but we are not going to resign ourselves to this change of weather! In fact, fall is a wonderful season that we can totally enjoy: family walks in the national parks, cranberry picking, pumpkin carvings, romantic hikes… As you can see, the activities are not lacking. To fully enjoy the season, you will need to take some precautions, such as making sure you wear clothes that are warm enough and comfortable to withstand the drops in temperature, the humidity, and the wind.

At the beginning of this season, Coo-Mon delivers its precious tips and suggestions for fashion outfits to enjoy the fall ... with style

Advice #1: You will take care of your colors.

And we're not talking about tanning – although...

Leaving the summer does not mean to be resigned to only wear dark and fade colors. Far from that, actually! So do not keep your brightest clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe, put them in value! And to maintain the beauty and brilliance of their colors, do not forget to treat them properly, as explained in our previous article

Advice # 2: of Water, you will be wary.

During the summer, we gladly accept a little cool, even if we have to get wet a little, especially during the hot days. But when the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius, Water and moisture quickly become our enemies. The solution? Opt for outdoor raincoats clothing (trench coats, polyester jacket...) and waterproof accessories of leather goods and shoes, applying or spraying an adapted protector.

Advice # 3: in Colorful fashion pieces you'll dress up.  

As mentioned above, we forget the dull and lifeless colors!

The fall collection outfits suggested by fashion designers and major retailers - and show in the specialized magazines - are often neutral, monochrome, and seem a bit "ordinary". A piece of advice signed by Coo-Mon: do not be fooled by this monotony of colors - which we find subjectively sad! Sprinkle a few touches of cheerfulness in your outfit by choosing colorful pieces and accessories. You will see; in the street, you will make all the difference!

We understand that it can be difficult to find outfit ideas for fall, as practical as trendy. Thus, we present you with 4 proposals for women, men, girls, and boys. You no longer have excuses not to go out and enjoy this explosion of colors!

Suggestion for women's outfit: 

A casual outfit, but enhanced by a touch of elegance and a touch of fantasy! Black pants and a white sweater? Basic! A pair of black ankle boots? Trendy! A perfectly curved beige trench coat? Essential! Wait, you do not think it's missing a touch of color? Of course! The most important item in this outfit is undoubtedly our Coo-Mon silk scarf, to be worn underneath the opened trench. 


a fall look idea for woman


Suggestion for men's outfit:

"Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality," said the Canadian actor Shawn Ashmore. Gentlemen; this fall, work on your look and show off your personality by choosing outfits that look like YOU.

We suggest a simple and casual outfit, which you can customize according to your desire by adapting the cuts and colors depends on your mood and your morphology. Denim pants, pearl gray loafers, an anthracite long sleeve sweater, a fitted black blazer, and a Coo-Mon’s silk scarf. 

look idea for men during autumn season


Suggestion of outfit for Girls :

The coquette little girls will be thrilled to find a nice outfit that allows them to run with their classmates during the recess break as well as to play the princess - or the star, as the case.

The outfit presented below is a trendy set, neither too ordinary nor too elaborate; perfect for a pre-teen. Camel leather boots (or colorful) to give peps, burgundy leggings, purple tunic sweater, and a Coo-Mon’s butterfly headband, to add a fun touch to the whole!

fall season look suggestion for girl


Suggestion for boys outfit:

Young boys are not left behind. Autumn: the perfect season to throw yourself in the heaps of dead leaves, to race squirrels, eat pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin hot chocolate, pumpkin soup ... all that can be made of pumpkin! As a tribute to this beautiful orange color, we suggest a simple outfit consisting of denim pants and a denim shirt, a gray hat, a pumpkin-colored wool cardigan, and a Coo-Mon’s backpack. Little boy is ready to begin his activities of the autumn session!

apparels and accessories for boy for fall season


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