A Colorful Personality

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"Tell me what color you wear and I will tell you who you are." 

A choice of a color allows to define the nature of a person. This assertion is proven by studies that have been carried out by specialists in color psychology. When a person chooses a color, the chance is rarely questioned. This choice is influenced by factors coming from the subconscious. A preference for one color or another tells a lot about the character, the habits and the way of thinking of an individual.

What is color psychology?

Colors affect our senses, our perception of the world, and what we feel. They awaken feelings buried inside us, revive memories, and guide our judgment. Thus, they have the power to capture our attention, to connect to our emotional state, and influence our decisions. The better understanding of the meaning of the colors that we choose subconsciously allows us to know ourselves more.

What is the color code?

In reality, there is no such code; but we naturally make associations between objects, concepts, and emotions. For example, I associate the green color with vegetation. These associations gradually settle in our subconscious over time, our discoveries, observations, and learning.

In the world of fashion or weddings, color is a language - like flowers. The color of a garment sends an emotional message. A given color can express sadness, anger, hope or any other emotion. For example, it is more popular to wear white at a wedding, and black at a funeral.

A color for a temperament.

Red is the color of the extreme. It can both symbolize passion and love, but also anger and violence. This is one of the most visible and strongest colors in the color spectrum.

Worn on oneself, red attracts the eye, and becomes a bit provocative. It captivates and bewitches, like a burning fire; or scares and repels as the sight of blood. This color is usually worn by extroverted individuals, with strong and assertive temperament.

The positive character traits reflected by the red:






Negative character traits reflected by red:

- Violent




In turn, Yellow is the brightest color. As a result, it naturally attracts attention. The color of happiness, it symbolizes good mood and the joy of living. In Japan, yellow is considered to be the color of courage and bravery. Wear a garment or an accessory with a touch of yellow if you are in a sluggish phase of your life: the color will contaminate your mood!

Positive character traits reflected by yellow:



Negative character traits reflected by yellow:

- Selfish

- Linked to illness and madness

- Cupid

Blue is the most loved color in the world. It is the symbol of infinity and authority because used to tint the sky, the ocean, and heaven.

Sometimes cold color, sometimes wet color, different shades of blue offer meanings that can be contradictory. So be careful to choose the blue that suits you! The most gentle and calm personalities will probably go with a light blue or even pale.

The positive character traits reflected by blue:

- Loyal

- Understanding

- Force

- Inner Peace / Serene

- Spiritual

Negative character traits reflected by blue:

- Addiction

- Sad and nostalgic

- Distant

Purple gives off an aura and a supernatural and mysterious energy. This color is uncommon in its natural state. This gives it a rare and precious feature. Once considered luxurious, it was reserved for the elite, the nobility.

Purple has different meanings. Thus, it can be worn by most people. So be creative (even whimsical), playing with the palette of the many shades of purple existing!

A word of caution: Please note that in some cultures, purple is worn during mourning.

The positive character traits reflected by the purple:

- Romantic

- Intellectual

- Spiritual

- Creative

- Worthy

- Comforting

- Whimsical

- Ambitious

Negative character traits reflected by purple:

- Haughty, arrogant and vain

- Exaggerated, mannered

- Insensitive

- Nostalgic

One outfit, what Colors?

The choice of colors of your outfit plays a crucial role in your daily life and influences your mood as much as the way others perceive you. At Coo-Mon, we are committed to advising you in style in your clothing assortments. Thus, you will find below, some suggestions of outfits according to the desired use.

For a job interview, for example, we suggest neutral tones such as white, black, gray, beige or brown, with a touch of strong color. This should reflect your degree of audacity or discretion. If you are one of those who like to put themselves forward and are open to spontaneous interactions and human exchanges, make yourself noticeable with a very sharp contrasting color. If you are more reserved, opt for colors, but more nuanced. Keep in mind that your future employer will choose who you really are. So stay authentic ... from head to toe!

A date in sight? Depending on who you meet and how far you want to continue with them, you probably will not dress the same way. A Tinder date or a regular date with your sweetheart ... let's say that we prepare ourselves differently. What will you choose? An alluring neckline, or a wiser outfit? Red or pastel shades? What message do you want to convey? Because the type of clothing and the colors that you adopt will have a strong suggestive power and will convey an emotional and effective message to the person sitting in front of you.

You spend the evening with friends, and you probably think that your style is accessory and negligible? Think again, because colors tell a lot about your personality. And you probably do not want to be mistaken for what you are not ...

Do you want to make new friends? Wearing blue will make you look more likable; yellow symbolizes trust.

Need to affirm your status and stability? Add brown to your outfit!

Brown diamond tip African print ankara bow tie

Are you planning an eventful evening? Wear your daily dose of vitamin C!

There is nothing better than a "Mother and Daughter" day to strengthen the bonds with the offspring and to create new memories full of love.

Pink is an attenuated variant of red, and also symbolizes love. It is a soft and feminine color, which also expresses the delicacy and innocence of childhood. This is the perfect color to share with your little one!

Set of mother and daughter madras tie headbands

"Pink for girls, Blue for boys"? For the little anecdote, the pink color was once attributed to young boys. It was considered as a strong color compared to blue.


Discover the fashion accessories Coo-Mon,

And choose the colors that suit you!


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