What is Coo-Mon Accessories and Cultures?

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We would want to share with you the bases of the brand Coo-Mon.

Coo-Mon is a brand of casual chic fashion, bow ties, hair accessories, belts, clothes for young girls as well as decorative accessories. The items are inspired by textiles from different regions of the globe with the particularity of combining various textures and patterns. Coo-Mon aims to mesh together different cultures in order to create beautiful and meaningful items.

The brand was founded by a scientist mom who has always been a passionate about entrepreneurship and fashion.

The mission of her brand is to provide casual chic fashion items inspired by the various continents and colors of the world that are designed for customers with a thirst for discovery and openness to other cultures.

Coo-Mon offers you not just a product, but a trip around the world through textiles.

The Vision of the brand is to disseminate, through fashion, a message of integration, discovery, sharing and communication through the adoption of others’ colours in order to enhance and reveal the richness of cultural diversity. 

The name of the enterprise makes the link between her native town, Cotonou the economical capital of Benin, and city of residency, Montreal.

In our next issue, we will talk you little more about the brand and its products.


Ingrid A.

Creative director and founder

Coo-Mon Accessories and Cultures

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