How to remove stickers from African fabrics

Today I will not talk about one of my products; I imagine some sigh ... finally.

I will talk about a trick that takes less than 5 minutes. Which one, will you ask me? To this question, my answer is:  read below ...

When I started to work with the African fabrics, I had difficulty to remove the labels of WAX without make a mess.

After I experimented several techniques, I will speak about the one I’m using now. It is summarized as follows:


  1. Place the fabric on a plan surface with the sticker up
  2. Turn down the side with sticker, press a hot steam iron on the back of the sticker and release the steam in order to melt the adhesive on the sticker
  3. After that, take off the iron and peel off the sticker sticker

That is all and you are now ready to use your fabric as you want.

I hope it will be helpful for you.



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