The Peter Pan collar in summer version

June 21th will officially mark the beginning of summer. But we can already rejoice because summer outfits and sandals are making their comeback. Many have already enjoyed the joys of the beautiful season: strolling in the Old Port, picnic in the park, happy hour on a terrace, shopping session downtown with friends. No matter the occasion, it seems important to feel comfortable enough in what we wear, while preserving our own clothing identity.

So how would you turn a banal camisole into a trendy and unique outfit, will you ask me? Below, we have concocted some suggestions to brighten and embellish your outfit in the colors of summer!

#OOTD: ideas for summer outfits!

We suggest some ideas of outfits to brighten your world, and radiate with elegance:

The first suggestion of outfit:


An outfit suggestion consisting of a pretty blue bell sleeve dress, a pair of wedge sandals and a Coo-Mon’s Peter Pan collar

An outfit suggestion consisting of a pretty blue bell sleeve dress, a pair of wedge sandals and a Coo-Mon’s Peter Pan collar


The second suggestion of outfit:

A casual outfit that includes a sky blue shorts with a pair of heeled sandals, a black blouse top, and a Coo-Mon’s Peter Pan Collar

A casual outfit that includes a sky blue shorts with a pair of heeled sandals, a black blouse top, and a Coo-Mon’s Peter Pan Collar


What is a Peter Pan collar?

For newbies, the Peter Pan collar is a flat collar with rounded corners, which neckline is positioned at the neck. Generally attached to a blouse, it also exists in a removable version, so adaptable to any outfit!

Its origins: who did first design the Peter Pan collar?

The collar that gave its name was designed by John White Alexander and his wife, in collaboration with Maude Adams, for the 1905 production of Peter and Wendy in New York. But neither J.M. Barrie’s book or play, nor the original 1904 London production had featured a similar design for Peter Pan.

But even though Peter Pan did not wear the collar, Adam’s collar was a fashion success in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and the name of Peter Pan collar was attached to her design since then.

The Peter Pan collar has similarities to an earlier design the “Col Claudine” or Claudine collar from Paris and designed in 1900. You can read the story of Col Claudine in our French version of this publication by clicking here.

The Peter Pan collar is timeless

The Peter Pan collar has maintained a place of choice in the history of fashion. It is considered a classic in the 50s, thanks to the muse Audrey Hepburn (and her red blouse), who becomes its first ambassador.

It gets a Rock'n'roll trend from the 60s, with the appearance of mini-skirts and trapezoidal dresses, and thus free women from their elegantly strict, sober and neat bourgeois look during that period.

For the record :

The Anglo-Saxon version of the Peter Pan collar is named Col Claudine. Hispanic side, it is called Cuello babero (translation: "bib collar").

Today, the Peter Pan collar is worn to give a slight retro touch to a more modern look, even avant-garde.

Coo-Mon offers in its online fashion store a complete collection of removable Peter pan collars in various colors, specially designed for women's clothing. Discover (or rediscover) them!

various patterns of peter pan collars handmade by Coo-Mon

Selection of Peter Pan collars entirely handmade in Montreal by Coo-Mon


For what style? With what to wear a Peter Pan collar?

The Peter Pan collar is ideally worn on a round neckline to respect the harmony of the curves of the outfit. For a bolder look, we can try to put on this fashion accessory on a boat neck dress, or a dancer neckline.

Good as gold style ...

Straight skirt, tights, loafers and a vaporous blouse: here are your favorite items. If every day you adopt the preppy chic style, the Peter Pan collar lends itself perfectly to your world and is an essential accessory to your wardrobe.

You are rather minimalist or prefer a refined style? But you want to occasionally revive your plain color dress with a touch of color? A colorful collar, like those offered by Coo-Mon, will fully fit with your outfit.

More rebellious soul?

Contrast the effect "wise collar" of the Peter Pan collar by combining it with strong pieces, such as a leather biker jacket, denim shorts, or a little black dress with a pair of leggings. With a deceptively well-behaved look, you're ready for rockfests with your new rock outfit!

Unleash the Working Girl in you!

At work, adopt the basic 7/8 pants, pumps and trapeze bag. What to wear under a blazer? Avoid spaghetti straps, tops that are too low-cut or that show the navel (the famous crop tops). In summer, opt for a fluid, light-colored sleeveless top in plain color, muslin or linen. You can pair it with a nice Peter Pan collar that will replace the necklace or any other fashion accessory. From a basic top, whether buttoned or not, with or without sleeves, the removable neckline will allow you to create the illusion of a blouse or a collared blouse. In addition, our Peter Pan collar alone is a strong piece of your outfit, it is not necessary to add a jewel.

The little last minute fashion tip: Tie your removable collar a little wider, and create a perfect necklace for networking evenings!

Coo-Mon’s Peter Pan collars are reversible and made of an African wax print/ ankara entirely in cotton. Our prints are perfect for all types of clothing, from the most sober to the most colorful. Play with style by creating an infinity of outfits!

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