The 7 attitudes that prove it is you who highlight clothes and accessories and not the other way around

What are the 7 attitudes to take into account to highlight clothes and accessories?

Today, Elvire will tell us about them in details on the blog.

Any fashion designer expert in their field is inspired by a muse to create clothes or accessories. By muse  we mean a person, man or woman, whose body or look, measurements, lines and curves inspire creations.

We become without pretention a fashion artists when we head to our wardrobe to dress up. When the task is too arduous, we can use the services of a fashion consultant. Whether it is ourselves or the fashion consultant who chooses our style, at the end we will be the ones who will highlight the cloth or accessory. I compare this to a solo choreography that the dancer is preparing to perform. They will do it with all that she is: physically, mentally, spiritually, their training ... That is exactly the same thing when we wear a dress or accessory. It is us who emphasize it and not the the other way around. What does that require?

1- Self-confidence: the attitude to feel good in one's skin, whether you are large, small, thin, round, black, white or yellow. Self-confidence is our first garment. It is invisible (to the naked eye) but certainly remarkable in the simple way of standing in a cloth, or with an accessory, like a hat for example. Self-confidence makes us dare to choose clothing at the limit of what might shock those for whom we will become the reflection of their lack of self-confidence. Ladies and gentlemen, work on your confidence so a simple bow tie, the most classic one, will become the most prominent bow tie on you. 

2- Good mood: a person in a good mood is a ray of sunshine for all the people they meet. Bring the usual black dress to a person who is in a great mood and make them wear it. You will have the impression of meeting the most coquettish girl on earth; the basic black dress will be illuminated. Everyone will then want to know where she got their dress from, and yet ...

3- Training: you want to highlight your fashion style? Feel good in your skin. Being well in one's skin can go through several psychological attitudes of personal enhancement, but one thing that greatly contributes to it is training. I call it the friend of your body and mind. Training releases toxins from your body and reconciles you with your mind. Make a physical activity that gives you pleasure a habit. The more your body is in friendship with you, the more your mind rejoices. People who feel well in their skin also feel great in fashion clothing and accessories. How can you be well in an outer garment if you are uncomfortable "in your skin" which is your first garment?

4- Daring: the kind of comments like this cloth would not fit me well, this color either, etc ... Get advice and dare! The audacity brings you out of your comfort zone and opens you up to novelty, originality. Get off the beaten track. Expand the left part of your brain, become the artist of your style and your charm.

5- Habit: here is the paradox. As much as it is necessary to dare several styles and types of clothes, it is also necessary to keep the perfect kit as much as possible. For some people, it will be the short dress to the knees. Good weather bad weather, the dress is what their personality highlights. These people will keep this habit with changes in the accessories or textures and colors of the garment. But it will be a habit to preserve, a habit that will also be part of their charm. Their winning formula! You will often hear their friends tell them, "I love your dresses." In reality, what they mean is that the girl highlights her dresses!

6- The smile: one will never stress enough that on any face, no matter who wears it, a smile is the antidote to all situations. A smile is bright, a smile is vulnerability and at the same time an unprecedented strength of character and charisma.

A smile relaxes the muscles of the face and offers you a look of magnificence. Whatever the garment or accessory you put on, your smile, which by the way is in itself the most essential and indispensable accessory will enhance your look and attract the most refractory.

7- Your words: to highlight a garment is not only visual art; the way you talk is also part of it. Imagine a young lady in her set of cigarette pants, white jacket and matching lace bustier who creates a wow effect when she enters the room. First words and what????? No class, no speaking skills, a very vulgar tone and everything that goes with it. In short, when you open your mouth to say something, simply your name, do it with a minimum of class, humility and a well spoken language. Whatever your accent, the language used ... your words help give worth to what you have worn as a garment or fashion accessory.

All this to simply say that while the work of a creator is there to make you beautiful, happy and contribute to your charm, to highlight their art, the one who wears this creation will have to continue the art work ... because yes it is an art to create!


Do you think they are other points to take in consideration to feel good in your clothes and highlight your personality?

Elvire Toffa Artist choreographer and creator Clothing and accessories

Artist choreographer and creator
Clothing and accessories

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