Knot Headband - Black White Polka Dot



A fashionable throwback hair accessory, our knot headbands are lightweight and perfect for keeping your hair in place all day without giving you a headache.

This headband with its black colour with white polka dots will give you a timeless look that is both vintage and modern.

A headband whose classic black and white colours mean that you can easily associate it with your different colours of clothes whether it's to go to work, an outing with friends or for a special occasion.

With a knotted headband, you won't risk messing up your hairstyle. A perfect fashion accessory for short, long, curly or straight hair.

A headband handmade in Montreal.

The headband tips are protected making it comfortable to wear and gentle on hair.

The headband has a width of approximately 6 cm at its widest part carrying the knot.

The headband composition: Headband base, 100%  cotton African fabric



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