Black Knot Headband - Akan Baoulé Gold Weight

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Black knot headband decorated with two Akan gold weights also called Baoulé gold weights in Ivory Coast. A headband that mixes black, a classic colour perfect for any occasion, and gold that gives this headband a sumptuous, prestigious and majestic look.

A perfect headband for short, long, straight, curly, nappy or frizzy hair.

Akan gold weights in bronze or brass were used to weigh gold nuggets and coins for trade from the 13th to the 19th century.

The Akan represent an ethnic group found in West Africa, particularly in Ghana, Togo, and Ivory Coast.

In Ivory Coast, the Akan gold weight is called Baoulé gold weight. Baoulé is also an ethnic group that produces it in an artisanal way.

hese weights also served as means of communication and were symbols of wealth in some families.

The headband has a width of approximately 6 cm at its widest part carrying the knot.




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