Gift Wrap Paper - Blue Yellow Green Kente



This gift wrapping paper has the patterns of a Kente fabric. Kente is one of Africa's most famous fabrics. Kente fabric originates from Ghana located in West Africa.

It is a fabric that was originally worn by kings, queens and important personalities among the Ewe and Ashanti.

This wrapping paper with Kenté patterns will therefore be perfect for a gift to give to the king, the queen of your heart or a very important person in your life.

This gift wrap will be delivered to you folded in an envelope, but you can also come and pick it up for free at our workshop in Montreal.

Pro tip: Use long pieces of double stick tape on the inside of the paper for clean wrapping lines and seamless edges

Dimensions: this gift wrap measures 20 inches x 29 inches or 50.8 cm x 73.66 cm

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