Boy Bow Tie - Purple Cowrie African Print

SKU: NBP013-1


Purple is the colour of dreamers and spirituals. He calms emotions and anger. A good colour for children who want to achieve great dreams.

The purple colour of this boy bow tie is also associated with green and a little bit of white. What to contrast the effect of purple.

This bow tie being pre-tied, it is very easy to put it on to the toddlers even if they move a lot.

In addition, the bowtie clasp is strong and secure, which means that a kid will not remove it too easily and risk losing it.

A good gift idea for a boy's birthday or Christmas

Sizes available: 0-2 years old, 2-6 years old, 6-18 years old


- African print (100% cotton)

- Pink plain poly cotton fabric

- black rubber band

- plastic clasp

Care instructions: Do not iron. Hand wash

Origin: Bow tie handmade in Montreal

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