Red Cable Knit Snood Neck Warmer - Reversible



Beautiful sweater fleece cable knit snood neck warmer for fall and winter. This is a double-thick knit tube neckwarmer, with an adjustable red drawstring and a pattern in African print Ankara and black faux leather. The pattern changes depending on the side of the neck warmer that is worn.

A black plastic toggle cord lock prevents the cord from getting stuck inside the neck warmer, so it's easy to loosen the neck warmer when you're too hot and tighten it when you're outside during chilly and frosty winter days.

To enjoy the winter activities such as toboggan slides, complete your red scarf with gloves/mittens, a hat, good winter boots, and a good winter coat.

This warm neck warmer with its original design and pattern in African print Ankara and black faux leather will add an elegant and ethnic touch to your winter clothing and accessories. In addition, this red knit scarf is very easy to wear and remove.

A beautiful neck warmer to give as a gift to a woman, a mom, a girlfriend for a birthday, on Christmas, or for any other special occasion.

This neck warmer is handmade in Montreal.

Composition: leather, African fabric/African print (100% cotton), sweater fleece (100% polyester)

Washing instructions: hand and machine wash

Size: One size

Dimensions: 8 1/2''x 34''

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