Lapel Pin - Blue Flower


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Lapel pins are beautiful accessories to customize your attire to your own personal style whether you wear a tie or not. This fashion accessory for men can be worn on different occasions such as a wedding, a professional meeting, everyday life with a jacket, a tuxedo or a waistcoat.

This boutonniere is a blue flower in African bazin fabric mounted on a golden stick pin carrying a leaf. The lapel pin is also available with a tie tack clutch back option.

The flower is approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) by 4 cm (1.57 inches) in size.

The lapel pin is handmade in Montreal, Quebec and comes in a beautiful black storage box.

How to wear your lapel pin on a suit

Detach the protective cap from the metal stick pin and simply pass your suit lapel pin through the button hole on the lapel (if there is no button hole, just push through the fabric of your suit) until the tip of the stick pin passes to the other side and reattach the protective cap. The pin should sit upright on your lapel and should be fastened tightly to ensure that it doesn't rotate when you move. When your boutonniere is mounted on a tie tack clutch, detach the butterfly clutch at the back and pass the pin through the button hole on the lapel of the suit or through the fabric of your tuxedo

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