Tie - Red With Fine White Leaves



Red tie of 8 cm wide 100% cotton weave in Shweshwe, a South African fabric with very beautiful patterns and a beautiful texture. This necktie is entirely handmade and will be an ideal accessory to complete an outfit. Is it not said that a man is judged by his tie?

The tie is red with patterns of very fine white leaves. It will be perfect for different occasions such as board, wedding, gift for him to Christmas, a brunch or any other special occasion.

This tie is great for a single knot, a double knot or a Windsor knot.


- Choose your tie according to your personality

- Always create a contrast between your tie and your shirt, for example, a dark tie on a light-colored shirt.

- The necktie must not fall below the belt. The tip of the tie should end in the middle of your belt buckle or waistband.

Dimension: 8 cm wide

Composition: Shweshwe (100% cotton)

Care instructions: can iron, do not machine dry, do not bleach, dry clean only

Origin: Handmade in Montreal, Quebec

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