knotted headband-White And Black Plaid Madras

SKU: STLH015-pdv


In the past, the Madras fabric was hand-woven in banana and cotton fibers. Solid, it nevertheless gave off a particular smell. The fabric thus designed was breathable enough to respond adequately to the problems of hot climates.

Nowadays, the fabric is woven with silk chain and cotton weft. When we talk about madras, we immediately visualize this fabric with its bright colours. But there is also Madras in classic colours like this black and white plaid Madras used for this knotted headband.

If you don't like bright colours or are looking for a hair accessory that would go perfectly with your different clothing colours, this headband will be perfect for you.

This headband can also be worn by a girl aged 9 and over under the supervision of an adult.

The ends of the headband are protected so that you feel comfortable when you wear your headband for a whole day.

* The place of the patterns on the headband could differ from a headband to another.

The headband composition: Headband base, 100% cotton Madras fabric

Handmade in Quebec, Canada

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