Bow Scrunchie -Black Knit Yellow & Red Plaid Madras



Pretty, beautiful and safe for the hair, the scrunchie is a very practical hair accessory both for an outing and for fitness, yoga.

This knotted black knit bow scrunchie with a yellow and red plaid Madras bow will add a touch of colour to your ponytail or bun whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, coiled, or tightly coiled

Wrap the scrunchie twice around your hair or once around your wrist.

Composition and care of the scrunchie

- Black knit, 100% cotton Madras fabric

- Hand-wash

- Hang to dry

- Handmade in Montreal

Size of the scrunchie

- Approximately 7.5 inches in diameter

- Wrap the scrunchie approximately 2 times around the hair

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