Red Polka Dot Suspenders - Shweshwe

SKU: BS001


When wearing pants, one has the option of wearing them with or without a belt. A useful, practical, and elegant fashion accessory to keep in place pants worn without a belt, are the suspenders.

The suspenders are available in different materials: fabrics, leather, and others. Whatever the material of the braces, they are practical accessories to have in our wardrobe.

These straps are red with white and black dots and are two-tone with one strap in South African Shweshwe fabric 100% cotton and another strap in plain red poly cotton.

The suspenders have a "Y" shape in the back, so you only have one clip to attach to the pants at the back. A piece of recycled beige leather is stitched at the back of the straps for a trendy touch.

Wear with canvas pants, jeans or shorts, these suspenders will always be trendy and you can wear them on different occasions: Christmas, birthday, wedding ...

 You can also wear these suspenders with the matching bowtie available in our shop.

Composition: Red South African fabric Shweshwe with white dots (100%), red yellow poly cotton, elastic band, recycled leather, metal clips

Dimensions: approximately 2.5 cm x 135 cm (1 '' x 53 '')

Care: wash by hand and lay flat to dry. Iron the straps of the straps so wrinkled. Do not iron the beige leather on the back of the braces.

Origin: Handmade in Quebec

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