Top Knot Headband - Red Pink Blue Plaid Madras


When the time comes to make a Facetime, Whatsapp, or Zoom video conversation and you have not had time to take care of your hair or the hair salons are closed, a headband becomes very useful.

This top knot headband in red, pink, and blue plaid madras fabric is perfect for adding a touch of colour to your short or long hair.

You can also wear this criss cross headband on frizzy, kinky, curly, braided, long hair, or on dreadlocks.

The Madras fabric used for this headband comes from Guadeloupe but the headband was sewn in Montreal.

A headband also perfect for your meditation or yoga sessions.

Product Description:

Head circumference: 51-58 cm (21-23 inches)

Composition: 100% cotton Madras fabric, elastic band

Care: Hand wash or machine in cold water

Handmade in Quebec, Canada

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