What are the wedding trends in 2019?

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This story begins with a request but does not end by the traditional "Yes, I do". We will not narrow down wedding to a simple festive day, but as the beginning of a new chapter of a love story.

To help you prepare this great event, Coo-Mon is happy to share some of the key wedding trends for 2019.

Less is more

Now is a time for minimalism and simplicity. Whether in the industry of interior design or fashion, minimalism has become synonymous of elegance and refinement.

We avoid superfluous expenses, and we refine to the maximum to get back to basics: to live an unforgettable moment with our loved ones. For, let's not forget it, this is a unique day where your love will be in the spotlight, and during which emotions and sharing should remain your main concerns.

And this bias also applies to any pre-event preparation. We opt for simple and effective wedding invitations, not overloaded with information. Trend for 2019: gold, bronze or silver filigree brings a refined but simple style to your message.

wedding invitation inspiration

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The mix of styles

Social changes dictate trends in our lifestyle. A simple observation of our environment is enough to make us aware that we are living in a multicultural world. The genders mix, the styles complement each other, and the mixing of cultures has never been perceived as a richness as it is now. Many couples will choose to celebrate their big day by combining several ethnic inspirations, whether their marriage is interracial or not. A wedding with a theme based on the vision of a united and harmonious world.

creole french wedding

Photo of a Creole-French wedding
Photo credit: Mademoiselle dentelle


If you are afraid of not properly mastering the subtleties of another culture, an alternative is offered to you. Deco enthusiasts, you could also be inspired by the mix of industrial and natural designs, vintage and glamorous, or contemporary and rustic. Give free rein to your ideas. On this day ... everything is permitted!

Boho-chic wedding

If it happens that you explore the thousands of resources available on Pinterest, in search of inspiration and good ideas simple and easy to set up for your wedding, you will soon realize that a theme stands out from the others.

Bonsai Cactus, Moroccan rugs and floor cushions, embroidery, macramé and lot of lace, lampions, and omnipresence of wood and plants... Bohemian wedding stands out. As weddings are often held outdoors, we suggest you choose a summer date.  Because the most beautiful wedding decoration could well be found in a field or in the middle of the forest... Saying "Yes, I do" in full nature, in total connection with the environment, in a quiet and peaceful place... This is the dream of many couples.

boho chic wedding inspiration
Photos of a boho-chic wedding  /With a few fashion and decorating ideas
Photo credit: Ameliste


What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh

We never go far away from Mother Earth.

In 2017, Pantone announced its color of the year: "Greenery". Even today, this color continues to gain popularity; and even more so when we are talking about decoration. The greenery finds its place in a table centerpiece or runner, according to the shape and the arrangement of the tables. Flower walls on the whole facade, or garlands of hanging plants as a ceiling light, the flora is omnipresent. The tablewares are adorned with delicate flowers, and the bouquets become by themselves a work of art. Not to mention the wedding invitations, menus and thank you cards, whose graphics also draws on our biodiversity.


Wedding invitations photos
Wedding invitations photos ** Warning! These images are for informational purposes only. We do not have the rights to broadcast * *


Combinations of colors and materials have shown that green foliage blends perfectly with wood - the famous woody trend - and with the gold color.

A way of seeing life in green.

The dress of a life...

Ladies, here's the part you've been waiting for since the beginning. What do we say about wedding dresses In 2019?

The bohemian style is always so popular with these ladies in search of simplicity and elegance. Classic vintage dress or openwork lace dress, usually in a sheath or straight cut.

The worked embroidery, which they apply on the fold or the bust, completes the lining of the dress, like a set of jewels.

In another style, the princess cut dresses are back! A dream wedding. On that day, dear future Madam, you will be the queen of the moment: there’s no way you are going unnoticed. Whether it's a dress with a voluptuous cut or a strapless one with a bulky petticoat, all eyes will be focused only on you at your entrance.

The princess cut is not suitable for all body shapes though, the trapeze dress and empire wedding dress are alternatives not to neglect.

The cherry on the cake...

What would be a wedding without its reception buffet?

This year, the Asian menus will have a place of choice. If you are worried that your guests may not all agree unanimously, opt for fusion cuisine. A clever mix confronting several specialties or culinary techniques.

The theme bars have also appeared on the wedding tables: candies, pizzas, popcorn, waffles, hot drinks station ... Be creative!


Make this day a unique moment and to your image.

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