Going back to school with Coo-Mon’s chic and trendy new collection

Summer holiday is almost over and children are about to go back to school.

For the first time, we are launching a back-to-school collection. Well! Put like that, it sounds a little bit pompous for such a young company, but it’s really our first back-to-school collection ever.

I can not tell you exactly how the idea came about. But one thing is for sure: since my daughter started school last year, I started thinking about how to provide her accessories that would be different from other students. Why? Because last year, when I took her to school, I noticed that many kids had the same school bags, shoe bags, lunch boxes, and so on. Only the label bearing their name made it possible to differentiate them. And when this label was not outside the bag, recognizing your kid’s stuffs from a distance between two identical bags became a real challenge. Even if moms and dads have super powers, that of conjuring to identify bags is missing!

So, a few months ago, my partner Chantal and I sat down to think about the issue. We made drawings and imagined a convenient shoe bag / tote bag. This bag was completed with a pencil case, headbands and a skirt. But it's not just for girls: boys will also find their joy in this collection of back-to-school accessories.

Let's discover together the different accessories for school.

Shoe bag / drawstring bag / tote bag / gym bag

Our bags are waterproof, in nylon, with a pattern in African print or in Madras. This piece of fabric is not only there for decoration, because we wanted it to be useful. Thus, the printed pattern located at the front also serves as a pocket. And not just a pocket but three pockets. So, if your kids put dirty stuffs inside the bag, they can keep their small stuffs clean (socks, handkerchiefs or other accessories) and dry at the front of the bag.

The bag closes very easily with solid black strings that tighten and you can put a label bearing your child's name to identify the bag.

This bag can also be used by a parent or an adult to store shoes or sportswear.

Six patterns of this bag are currently available (including peas, pink, yellow, blue patterns). You can find them here

The bag has a nice leather label in the middle that does not prevent washing the bag.

One thing is for sure: with this bag, your kids are not likely to confuse their stuffs with a friend's ones or to make a mistake in bringing a friend's bag home.

kit sac gym léger serrage cordon serre tête étui à crayons rentrée scolaire quebec coo-mon

Pencil case

The pencil cases have a rabbit shape with ears. Is there anything more reassuring for kids than having a small pet with them at school? They can make it a friend by giving it the name they want.

These pencil boxes have the same patterns as the shoe bags, allowing you to create a set of matching accessories for school.

The pencil cases have a denim exterior and the inside in the same fabric as the ears of the rabbit. The denim makes the pencil boxes more resistant to tearing.

These kits have a certain thickness and are therefore not totally flat. The children will feel a certain texture by manipulating their pencil boxes and will be organized when it is time to head back to school. Find them here


The headbands are of one color for the ring that holds on the head. A butterfly in African print or Madras is attached to the headband.

The butterfly moves when the little girl is moving. The headband will quickly become her favorite accessory this back-to-school season.

This lightweight headband will very easily complete your kid's clothes. The ring is covered with fabric, making the wearing of the headband comfortable.

Do you want to see what these headbands look like? Simply click here


jupe fille à volants noire blanc gris madras 2 10 ans fait au Québec coo-mon

This is a ruffle for girls in sizes 2 to 10 years. The skirt is black and white. The white part is in white and black plaid Madras gray stripes. It is 100% cotton, with an elastic band at the waist.

This skirt is perfect for dancing or turning in the backyard during recreation time or at the park. The ruffles give volume to the skirt when the girl turns which has a very nice effect.

The skirt – because of its colors - is hardly messy. It can be coordinated very easily with one of our t-shirts or any other sweater of your choice.

An adorable skirt that can easily be completed with socks and tights when the weather starts to get a little colder in the fall and winter. A skirt that can be worn all year round, summer and winter.

This skirt is available here

It can also be a good gift idea for a birthday.


Each of these accessories, like all our products, is handmade in Montreal.

Have fun discovering our very first collection of back-to-school accessories which I hope will enchant you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at info@coo-mon.ca. I will gladly answer you / help you out.

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See you soon!

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