Back to school is almost here, Are you ready?

Did you have a nice summer? Summer break is almost over, and parents are already getting ready for the new school year. On the program for the remaining days: purchasing new school supplies, acquiring brand new clothes, pre back-to-school revisions, and…. Thinking back on all those good memories we’ve made during this beautiful summer season.
So, in order to motivate you, and make you want to go back to school on a positive and colorful note, we propose a small list that will help you prepare at best the school year.  
Are you ready?
1- Good durable material you will get
Pens, pencils, erasers, rulers…. And many more school supplies are needed, and they are different depending on the school level and the school. It is well known that school supplies get easily lost, get borrowed but never given back, or get damaged very fast. Ideally, we advise you to opt for sustainable and eco-friendly materials, which last more than one school year, and/or are easily recyclable.
For the fanciest, there is something for every taste, all colors, all shapes, and for any age. Whether they love unicorns, hip-hop, cats, hockey, yellow or cartoons, everyone will find something!
And, of course, to any school supply, an adequate pencil case is a must-have! Discover Coo-Mon’s pencil cases, which will allow your children to store their pencils and other writing accessories. These pencil cases are playful and engaging. In the shape of a rabbit, kids can play with their colorful ears.
A selection of pencil cases made of denim and African print
2- Their Wardrobe you will renew 
Whether by crush or by necessity, the back-to-school period is often the occasion to shop for new clothes and new shoes. Children grow too fast, and from one year to the next, their tastes evolve and become more refined. Don't be angry with them. First they can’t help it (laughter); in addition, this is how they forge their personality and affirm their choices. So, encourage them and accompany them in their quest for identity and in their development!
Here are two proposals of outfits for little girls and young boys.
A back to school look idea for boy
A back to shool look idea for girl
3- A preparatory « Working session »  you will introduce
The least fun part, Let's face it.
But the most necessary to better prepare this new school year, which is about to be rich in discoveries and learning.
Sit yourself comfortably at a desk with your kid. If you have more than one, be sure to spend quality time with each of them. Go through the main concepts learned in the previous year in order to refresh their memory. This small update will help them feel less Lost and destabilized when they go back to school.
To help you, without going through the many books and notes, there are holiday notebooks or preparatory workbooks, designed for each level of school, so that children can learn in a playful and amusing way!
After this "review" break, you might feel the need to discuss carefully and attentively with them. Let them share their expectations, goals and especially their fears. Discuss the issues they might encounter at their age, including the transition from daycare to primary school or from primary school to secondary school. Your personal experience could probably help them later to put words on their fears.
And don't forget to reassure them that you'll always be there, ready to listen to them.
4- A nice bag You will offer them
Your children have probably already chosen their school binder – and you have (almost) had no right to look at them. Great. You had to give in to something.
So why not offer them another bag for their extracurricular activities (sports or other) or to carry indoor and physical activity shoes?
Coo-Mon offers you a range of soft fabric drawstring waterproof backpacks in nylon with strings and reinforced front corners with eyelets.
Offer them a bag dedicated to their leisure, the color of their choice-which you can certainly borrow occasionally to go to the gym,
???? In addition, the fabric piece at the front of the Coo-Mon’s bags matches perfectly with the pencil cases!
The patterns on the bags offer three storage cases that may contain pencils, socks, and other small items.
A selection of drawstring bags for school
Quickly choose their Coo-Mon’s bag and their pencil case and get ready for school!


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