3 Knotted Headbands Set - yellow, Red And Purple



Set of three knotted headbands made of African fabric, handmade in Quebec including:

- a yellow knotted headband with blue and black patterns,

- a red knotted headband with black and yellow patterns,

- a purple knotted headband with green patterns.

If you like headbands, these 3 headbands will be perfect for you. You will be able to change your headbands often and have them for different looks and different occasions.

Headbands that you can also share with your daughter.

Headbands are fashionable comeback hair accessories that give a modern and vintage look at the same time.

Hedbands perfect for everyday life, a celebration, a special occasion, telecommuting or for going to the office.

The headbands are composed of a hair band hoop covered with African print.

The tips of headbands are protected making it comfortable to wear and gentle on hair.

The headbands have a width of approximately 6 cm at their widest part carrying the knot.

The headband composition: Headband hoop, 100% African fabric



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