Blue Pink And White Silk Scarf


$18 $43.95

Soft silk scarf with a shiny satin finish. It's a versatile scarf that you can wear with a bow tie or tie paired with a jacket for a more classic look. Or, wear this scarf with a shirt and a t-shirt or sweater for a casual look.

The silk used for this fabric is printed with a pattern inspired by African wax print patterns. The geometric patterns on the silk scarf are of colors: navy blue, pink, white and red.

This rectangular scarf will be a good gift idea for men and why not for a woman too.

Dimensions: approximately 26 x 164 cm

Composition: satin silk

Shape: rectangular

Colour: navy blue, pink, white, red

Pattern: Geometric

Care instructions: can be ironed, do not machine dry, do not bleach, dry clean only

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