Striped Scrunchie - Yellow And Black African Print



Whether for a ponytail or a bun for a casual or formal outing or even for sports, yoga, the scrunchie is a hair elastic perfect for keeping your hair out of your face.

For a ponytail or a bun, wrap the scrunchie twice around your hair. We also often see people wearing their scrunchie around their wrist.

This black yellow large scrunchie is made of recycled African fabric, so it is a good zero waste hair accessory.

This pet is very easy to maintain

Composition and care of the scrunchie

- 100% cotton recycled African wax print

- Hand-wash

- Hang to dry

Size of the scrunchie

- Approximately 7.5 inches in diameter

- Wrap the scrunchie approximately 2 times around the hair 

Handmade in Montreal

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