Cufflinks - Yellow African Print Pattern

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This pair of bronze cufflinks and all of our cufflinks are made in Montreal in collaboration with the Montreal-based Pommerose Design Studio.

Pommerose's products are made out of repurposed vintage pieces and scrap materials donated by local businesses such as plastic, fabric and wooden scraps and aluminum cans.

These cufflinks can be paired with a bow tie or a tie that you already have in your wardrobe or available in our shop.

With their glossy finish, these cufflinks are easy to maintain. Just clean them from time to time with a soft dry cloth.

How to put on cufflinks?
Proceed as follows, fold back the French cuff by using your opposite hand. Hold the cuffs together and align the cuff holes, then insert and secure the cufflink.

Diameter: 1.6 cm

Composition: stainless steel

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