Baby Bib Pacifier Clip And Teething Ring Set - Pink African Print

SKU: CNBG007-1


A convenient and useful kit of baby accessories made of African wax print that includes:

- An African wax print teething ring lined with white flannel with crinkle paper on the inside emits a sound when the baby bites the teething ring. This teething toy consists of a bunny ear-shaped cloth part attached to a maple wood ring treated with a blend of organic olive oil and beeswax. For more effective relief of the baby's sore gums, wet the teething fabric a little bit and put it in the freezer for a few minutes.

- pacifier clip for a soother. The clip binds to the pacifier with a suede loop. The pacifier clip is attached to baby clothes using a metal clip.

- A bandana bib with a medium absorption capacity made with a layer of African print and a flannel layer. The bib closes with white Babyville plastic snaps.

WARNING: Never allow baby to sleep with this bib to avoid any risk of choking.

Perfect accessories set to complete a birth gift, baby birthday gift, a baby shower gift.

Care instructions:

- Bandana bib: hand washable and machine washable

- Teething ring: Remove the fabric from the ring and wash it by hand or machine. Wash the wooden ring gently with soapy water. After drying, rub the wooden ring with food grade oil. We used organic olive oil. Discard and replace the ring at the first signs of wear and tear.

- Pacifier clip: Hand washable and machine washable.

Origin: Baby accessories sewn in Montreal, Quebec

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