Spa Headband And Makeup Remover Pad - Bamboo And Plaid Madras



Washable and reusable accessories are ecological, economical and durable.

This set of white and black Madras and bamboo terry cloth headband and makeup remover pad are absorbent and convenient for spa, yoga, makeup, beauty mask application, and facial cleansing.

the headband and the make-up remover are handmade in Montreal in Madras and bamboo.

the headband is adjustable according to your head circumference thanks to a Velcro strap. The headband can be adjusted to head circumference from 50 cm (20 inches) to 66 cm (26 inches).

the cleansing pad has a white ribbon that allows you to hold it without it falling when you remove your makeup or clean your face. It will be perfect to complete your cleansing and cleansing lotion.

The Madras used for making the headband and cleansing pad comes from Guadeloupe and the bamboo terry cloth is made of 70% bamboo.

Composition:  Bamboo terry cloth (70% bamboo, 22% cotton, 8% polyester), madras 100% cotton, velcro

Dimensions: the headband is 8.5 cm (3.35 inches) wide and adjusts to 50 cm (20 inches) to 66 cm (26 inches) head circumferences.

Care: handwash, do not bleach

Handmade in Quebec, Canada

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