Necktie - Turquoise Mosaic Teal



Mosaic pattern on a turquoise, elegant and versatile tie. This chic turquoise blue will be easy to pair with different shirts. If in doubt, opt for a white shirt. But remember not to wear more than three colors at a time for your clothes.

You can associate this necktie with a gray jacket, navy blue or a charcoal suit.

This tie made entirely by hand will add a touch of color and elegance to your outfit. It will be perfect for a wedding or any other occasion.

With this tie, you can make a four in hand knot or more elaborate and complex knots. Now it is your turn.

This tie will be delivered in an elegant black box with a band of the same fabric as the tie


- Choose your tie according to your personality

- Always create a contrast between your tie and your shirt, for example, a dark tie on a light-colored shirt.

- The necktie must not fall below the belt. The tip of the tie should end in the middle of your belt buckle or waistband.

Dimension: 8 cm wide

Composition: Shweshwe (100% cotton)

Care instructions: can iron, do not machine dry, do not bleach, dry clean only

Origin: Handmade in Montreal, Quebec

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